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We know how hard it is. Finding work you love and sometimes, it’s as simple as the necessisty of find a job. But there’s something else, you can’t quite put your finger on it. Maybe you believe you’re a little bit better than your boss or perhaps you just keep getting pushed back from reaching the next level.

We’ve been there. And it sucks.

And when we were both recruiters (and GOOD ones) we noticed that there really isn’t anywhere to get help & advice on actually finding the work you really want.

So we reckoned, let’s create it. That’s why we are here and we are super glad you’ve joined us!

Susan & Adele xx

Susan Young

Co-Founder, Personal Brand Alchemist – Susan E Young, Founder & Director – One96.co
After changing jobs more than most people have had hot dinners, it didn’t take Susan long to figure out that being her own boss was her Future Vision.  With 20 years in the IT Recruitment space (management, training & systems) and 8 years running her Personal Brand Management Agency, Susan loves getting you “visible” and she’s a bit of a genius at finding your “niche” and the sweet spot you love to work in.

  • Start-up Mentor 85%
  • Career Management 100%
  • Personal Brand Management 95%

Adele Leah

Co-Founder, Director & Career Coach – Finch Street
With over 15 years in the recruitment industry and owner of specialist Career Consultancy, Finch Street, Adele knows a thing or two about the job market, career planning & strategy to find the work that you really love.

Adele will show you how to take flight with your Career and stop cruising in a role you hate.

  • Career Coaching 100%
  • Career Planning 70%
  • Recruitment 90%
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