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Don’t Get Overlooked

When you aren’t being promoted, you only have yourself to blame!

Harsh, but true.

And said with love. Because the real truth of you being overlooked isn’t necessarily because you’re not right for the role, you just haven’t taken the actions to get yourself noticed.

All too often we hear about people (particularly on their way up the management chain) that their bosses never ask them to apply for a promotion, or when they do, their application is rejected without even having a conversation.

This can because one of many things:

A: You’re not seen as the right person to promote

B: You don’t have the appropriate skills or leadership qualities they are looking for (or your boss doesn’t know it)

C: You’re not making a big enough impact in your current role

You need to step up and be seen!

To be seen you need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start implementing a plan of action to give you some clarity and focused career direction.

Ask yourself where do you want to be in 5 years time, do you really see yourself in the same company as a leader of the organisation? If so, why? Why do you want the job that looks ‘great on the outside’?

What do you believe you can contribute to the role and the organisation to make it better?

What are you doing currently to leverage your knowledge and skills and be seen by the leaders in the organisation?

Have you spoken with your Manager about your Career Plan and Direction?

Are you fully engaged in what you are currently doing, do you contribute more and ask to be on other projects or run meetings / co-ordinate office events?

If you are saying yes to these and you feel like your boss is holding you back…

Have the brave conversation and ask them why. You’ll get amazing information on what you need to do to improve in certain areas and it opens up a new dialogue around how you can reach your full potential in the company.

If you boss is holding you back because they don’t want you to be promoted for other reasons they aren’t telling you, then perhaps it’s time to find something new?

Let us know your thoughts on this and what’s happening in your role right now that you need help with.

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